Egypt – delight of high culture

The land of the Pharaohs and the pyramids, the land of one of the most ancient cultures on our planet, where its monuments are best preserved and still tell the story of a wonderful and unforgettable culture.

Egypt, also the land of warmness, the river Nile, the oases and friendly people, who are still writing their history until today, it welcomes you all.

On my website I would like to welcome you, and to present you my Egypt from my perspective as an Egyptian specialist. I would like to help you to get to know this land and its unique magic and beauty. A beauty, which attracts everyone, especially those who are interested in ancient and present cultures.

I will also provide you with ideas and suggestions for some of the most important sightseeing places. These locations might not be part of the traditional touristic programs, but are highly recommended to visit, especially if you have a passion for the pharaonic history and for the understanding of the past and the present of Egypt.

For questions and requests concerning your trip to Egypt I will be glad to assist you. On my Ossama on FacebookFacebook panel you will also be able to follow the latest discoveries and restorations in Egypt. There is no end of new information and archeological expeditions done in this land, since only a third of its monuments have been discovered so far. Come to Egypt and follow me, and you will never regret it - Yalla!!! (Let's go!)

Kind regards
Ossama Hamouda Ammar

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