Biography of Ossama

In 2006 Ossama took part in an educational study tour through Germany. Here in Berlin.

In 2006 Ossama took part in a study tour through Germany. Here visit of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

2006 nahm Ossama an einer Studienreise durch Deutschland teil. Hier macht er Station in Berlin.

On a private visit: In 2008 Ossama and his wife visited, among other things, the National Collection of Egyptian Art in Munich.

Ossama im Kolosseum von Rom, einem der größten Bauwunder der römischen Antike, während einer Reise durch Italien im Jahr 2010.

Ossama in the Coliseum of Rome, one of the largest building monuments in ancient Rome, during a study tour in 2010.

I was born in 1967 in Giza, where the great pyramids are located (Greater Cairo, capital-governorate).Ossama im Alter von 5 Jahren After finishing school I first studied foreign languages (German and English) at Ain-Shams University of Cairo and then Egyptology. Working as a licensed tourist guide fulfills my life dream since I was in school. To many visitors I have shown the beauty and the secrets of this wonderful land Egypt and its civilization.

During my career I have taken part in several study tours to Germany and Rome, during which I learnt a lot, not only about the various cultures but also the special relations between civilizations and religions. I combine these experiences and use them for my explanations when I guide my guests through Egypt.

Due to my experiences I believe travelling and touring is nowadays becoming more and more important to help people understanding different cultures and prevent misunderstandings.

Several times I have also had the chance of guiding journalists and politicians from Europe around Egypt, e.g. participants of European-African summits. Occasionally I am also available for interviews for medias to discuss differences and similarities in cultures. Please click here for a collection of articles from newspapers, interviews and media reports (in German) done with me.

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